5 things that make you happy


Currently I am taking an environment ethics course. The topic that intrigued me today: what 5 things do people need mentally to be happy. We each had to make a list and I began to realize I don't really know what 5 things I need. When you are in college you forget sometimes what is mentally needed to stay on top of your life. Our class came up with a wonderful list and I felt like it was just too good not to share.

1. Connect: this is the number 1 priority. Connect in your relationships, fall in love, see your friends, hang out with your family.
2. Be active: This one is pretty self explanatory. You need to get out of your apt. or house and do things. That can be exercise, rock climbing, going for a walk.
3. Take Notice: Watch and take in the world around you. It's fall...notice the beauty of the leaves. Pay attention to the lives of the people around you and realize it's not just you.
4. Keep learning: feed your curiosity. For many of us in our twenties this is the only mental fulfillment we receive. But learn for the joy of learning whether it's learning about a new camera you like, reading the newspaper, or watching documentaries on whales. LEARN!
5. Give: In a recent psych experiment at the University of Minnesota several people were given a hundred dollars. Half of the recipients were instructed to buy something for themselves and half were instructed to buy a gift for another person. When tested on their happiness after the purchase, those who bought a gift were significantly happier. You don't have to go out and spend a hundred dollars. But buying your girlfriend flowers (boys I promise you this will make her way happier than taking her to a movie or even dinner), making your boyfriend dinner (my personal fave), or getting silly cards for your friends is more than enough.

All of these small things cost very little money, and even very little time in the grand scheme of your life. Sometimes, you just have to take a step back from your life and realize that you have to change something. Grades are important, of course, but so is your happiness. How can you find this balance between school and the 5 basic needs? I don't know! But I do know that it's important to find a way. I am a personality that thrives of the first basic need. I need social relationships and that has become my number one priority in life. So in my opinion this is the first key to accomplishing the rest. The thing about friends, boyfriends, parents, and family is that they can give you the drive and help to achieve the rest. My final words of advice: let people in and let people help you to achieve in school and happiness. The pictures above are a very small example of the 5 things I just talked about.


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