Chillin at the museum

I really enjoy going to museums.  We found out that Auckland had a free museum and just had to go check it out.  It turned out be a really fun afternoon.  Here are just some of the many pictures I took.

A real body from pompeii that has been cast in lava.  This picture gives me the shivers.
One of the better U.S. presidents
In my opinion these are the three most evil men to live.  And to think they all were alive at the same time, and people followed them.  

this gecko was so awesome.  He was just taking his merry old time moving around in there.

We are pretending to be scuba divers in the fake coral reef.
area 51 anyone?

Poi which are used by women to train their wrists and increase strength.  In modern times it is used traditionally in dance.
Traditional maori carving.
chillin with the elephant.  I was so angry because a little kid had run up to this elephant, which a real stuffed elephant and pushed on the trunk extremely hard.  I thought it was going to break right off!!

A trip to the aquarium

Keatin and I were trying to be pirahnas.  We thought we were so funny.

This was a shark egg.  They have these spiral like appendages on them that attach to whatever substrate they can find.  The shark in the egg is a mini version of their mom swimming around inside of the little sack.
cool eel.  The eel was just sitting there suspended motionless.  I actually thought it was dead until it snatched up something floating in the water.

Keatin, believe it or not, had never been on a snowmobile until this moment.  Being a native from Minnesota (also known as the home of Arctic Cat) I could not believe this.
We were getting motion sickness in the antarctic snowmobile.
these white walls were spinning around us making us sick.  It was so crazy.
All the beautiful penguins.  They were so entertaining to watch.  They are so clumsy but at the same time graceful.  It's difficult to explain unless you have seen it.


We are having so much fun with our new paint! And a couple of macs to keep us warm!
The rugby field
So if you've ever seen harry potter puppet pals ...we're going for teen angst here!
p.s. I got my ear pierced!!! It hurt soo bad! ha, but I really like it!
pre-pre-gaming at Globe.  This is where all the students met and got their faces painted.
The paint was hardout tickling my face

Keatin and I and a bunch of friends went to a rugby game in Auckland.  We had no idea what was going on, but getting our faces painted and cheering was a blast!

Ti Point

We spent a wonderful weekend at Ti Point climbing.  It was such fun!  The view was beautiful and the climbing was fantastic.  I will let the photographs speak for themselves.