Adventures at Home!

Today was such a fun day! Ashley, Brady, and I are all really into outdoor sports, so a day full of fourwheeling and mud is perfect. It was such a nice day, so perfect for some great photos. Living in the country is such a great place to find inspiration and really create some great art. Soon I will have some of these great pictures scrapped!
All this nice weather has really gotten me thinking about summer. I can't wait to be tan, wear a swim suit, and waterski! Summer is my second favorite season (winter being first), and one of the biggest reasons is because of all the yummy colors. Green is one of my all time favs and obviously summer has abundant amounts! Can't wait! Another reason summer basically rocks is the water skiing. If you've never tried it, I strongly suggest you do! My sister and I both love it and are always trying to think of new challenging tricks to if anyone has any suggestions I can't wait to hear!

Inspirational girls

These pictures are from a really fun night out with some of my favorite girls! Kirsten and Tracie are so inspirational in every way. They're both crazy about scrapbooking like me.
I can't wait until the next time we can all get together and scrap together. It's fun having someone there to inspire you! Thanks girls!

First Blog!

Hey! This is my very first blog experience! Nothing too much going on with me right now except finals and papers due. I really want this blog to be an inspiration to everyone who reads it, so soon I will start posting some yummy scrapbooking layouts and pictures.