I love New Zealand!!

I had a great time this past weekend.  On Saturday John, Keatin, and I spent like seven hours climbing at the quarry.  It was wonderful!  I can't remember a time my muscles have worked that hard.  On Sunday I had a field trip to the island of Rangitoto, which is a volcanic island.  We spent the day identifying various plant species in different plot sizes among the a'a lava.  The lava was very sharp and would have cut us to shreds, basically, if we fell.  After my group finished we decided to hike to the cinder cone up the volcanic mountain.  We hiked for a half an hour up and then realized we only had 20 minutes left to get down to the ferry.  We decided to literally run down the volcano in order to make it to the ferry on time.  It was a great, and sweaty, run.  Later that evening I went caving with a new kiwi friend I made, named Dave, into a lava cave.  It was very cool.  I saw fools gold littering the ceiling of the cave.  We went through a squeeze several meters long.  The only way I can describe it is that it was like crawling on my stomach underneath the bed I had as a kid, only in a cave, in the dark! It was so thrilling!