Little lovely things, and christmas happiness

When Christmas time comes around I always get really nostalgic. So I started looking up some family history on the internet and found these pictures. The top one is of my great grandma and grandpa (Art and Iris Dicken) and the bottom one is my grandma Nancy and her sister Bonnie. I just thought it was so neat that I randomly ran across these :D

It has started snowing here, and for me that means one thing: skiing! I love skiing and I especially love skiing in the Canadian rockies. So if you are ever down for a trip up there just let me know! haha. But seriously, it is such an invigorating sport. I just love it!
Starbucks is making eggnogg latte's again!!! I had to take a pic because these are seriously my favorite coffee drink ever! Besides, the cups are just way to cute :D

It has snowed non-stop the last two days. It has put me in such a christmas mood. I am feeling super inspired lately so I have gotten out my canvas, easel, and paints and started making some christmas gifts! So I am off now to my christmas music and hallmark movies.