Oxfam Trail Walk

I am so excited about this upcoming years oxfam trail walk. My friend and I have decided to find two other to join us and walk 100 km for poverty. We have to raise 2,500 by August 30 so if you have any ideas for fundraising LET US KNOW! It will be an amazing adventure. The trail starts near Toronto and ends near Georgian Bay. It will be hard and gruelling but I know we are up for the challenge!


Life has been really crazy lately. First of all I am no longer living in New Zealand. I will be moving to Minneapolis soon to continue studying at the University of Minnesota. I am really excited about this, but definitely have had to do a lot of praying. I feel like God has definitely put me where I belong. I will miss the ocean more than anything, but have faith that this is not the end of my ocean going adventures. I am so excited to be with my family again, and get lots of time with my friends. I will really miss my NZ friends though. You have all been so good to me. I hope you all enjoy my "new" life's pictures. Love you all!! Dani

Halloween. I love my referee costume!

Go gopher hockey!

My grandpa's funeral. He died a few weeks ago from several health complications.

Andra. I love this girl.

We were being Japanese Tourists
My girl Sonya came to visit me from Chicago!

The Torgy Bunch
We had a family reunion!