Coromandel was probably one of the coolest places I have ever been to!  It was honestly a perfect day!  We started the weekend off by picking up our rental car from ace rental and then proceeded to drive to the Coromandel peninsula.  The drive started out looking a lot like what we've already seen throughout New Zealand and then we see these mountains forming in front of us.  Of course we are all hoping we get to drive through those mountains and we did!  The road was this windy road that everyone drives super fast on right by cliffs and such.  We arrive in Whitianga (Fi-tee-ang-ah) and checked into our hostel called the cats pyjamas.  The first thing we did was throw on our suits grab the scrumpy and tui and headed for the beach at Cathedral Cove.  It is literally the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my entire life!!  We saw some wicked looking stingrays swimming on the sandbar and many different fish.  We saw this huge rock in the middle of the bay so Keatin and I decided to swim out there (finding another cliff along the way) and climbed up so we could jump off.  It was so much fun.  The second day it was raining so we decided to just drive up the coast.  It was so beautiful.  It constantly amazes me how much the terrain here can change.  The coast looked more like a european coast line, but it was so beautiful.  We found more rocks to climb and decided to check out the tidal pools.  While looking into one I didn't see the huge wave coming right at me, and got totally soaked!  It was a great time though.

I just wanted to say to everyone at home!!! I MISS YOU!!!

Love, Dani