Important Message

So, I have no fun cute pictures today, or cute sayings. It's seven in the morning, and I was dreaming last night about money problems and christmas. Recently I have decided to start volunteering my time as a swim coach rather than hand in my time card, which has significantly decreased my cash flow. At first I was wondering "why the heck am I doing this" then I realized, it's my christmas gift to the program. They have no money, and still graciously offer to pay me way more than the average coach. When I was in New Zealand all I ever thought about was money, and that was because I had none, and lived by each dime I had. I still have no money, but I want to feel the satisfaction of knowing I am doing something good, and that other things are more important. If you live in a place where despite the economic climate, you at least know you have a few extra bucks, don't stress about the money. There are other things in life WAY more important.