What I will be doing tomorrow :D

I just love christmas, and these are my three favorite christmas eve traditions. I love the new grinch movie. The music and cindy lou who are so great! And of course, who doesn't love "A charlie brown christmas" ? It's, in my opinion, one of the best christmas movies. I seriously just love it! Then at night we have Santa Lucia, which is a Swedish tradition in our family, along with the 10pm church service. We have a great evening service. Every year we sing the song Night of Silence. After church we come home and I play the christmas song and my grandma sings. We do this every year, and that is one of the reasons I love Christmas SO much :D

I hope all of you have a wonderful holiday!


Important Message

So, I have no fun cute pictures today, or cute sayings. It's seven in the morning, and I was dreaming last night about money problems and christmas. Recently I have decided to start volunteering my time as a swim coach rather than hand in my time card, which has significantly decreased my cash flow. At first I was wondering "why the heck am I doing this" then I realized, it's my christmas gift to the program. They have no money, and still graciously offer to pay me way more than the average coach. When I was in New Zealand all I ever thought about was money, and that was because I had none, and lived by each dime I had. I still have no money, but I want to feel the satisfaction of knowing I am doing something good, and that other things are more important. If you live in a place where despite the economic climate, you at least know you have a few extra bucks, don't stress about the money. There are other things in life WAY more important.



Right now I am extremely frustrated because I have made lots of little lovely things that I wish to share but have no camera to capture the moment :( Soon though I will hopefully fix this problem. After christmas prepare for photo overload!

Love Dani

Little lovely things, and christmas happiness

When Christmas time comes around I always get really nostalgic. So I started looking up some family history on the internet and found these pictures. The top one is of my great grandma and grandpa (Art and Iris Dicken) and the bottom one is my grandma Nancy and her sister Bonnie. I just thought it was so neat that I randomly ran across these :D

It has started snowing here, and for me that means one thing: skiing! I love skiing and I especially love skiing in the Canadian rockies. So if you are ever down for a trip up there just let me know! haha. But seriously, it is such an invigorating sport. I just love it!
Starbucks is making eggnogg latte's again!!! I had to take a pic because these are seriously my favorite coffee drink ever! Besides, the cups are just way to cute :D

It has snowed non-stop the last two days. It has put me in such a christmas mood. I am feeling super inspired lately so I have gotten out my canvas, easel, and paints and started making some christmas gifts! So I am off now to my christmas music and hallmark movies.


It's Your Choice

This is a little poem I came across today. It really hit a cord with me. I sometimes find myself focusing intently on seeming confident and fitting in. This makes me lose track of what really matters: God's love.

On one side stands the crowd.
Jeering. Baiting. Demanding.
On the other stands a peasant.
Swollen lips. Lumpy eye. Lofty promise.
One promises acceptance. The other a cross.
One offers flesh and flash. The other offers faith.
The crowd challenges, "Follow us and fit in."
Jesus promises, "Follow me and stand out."
They promise to please. God promises to save.
God looks at you and asks, "Which will be your choice?"


Climbing Heals All!

After an especially hard and stressful week I would normally go out and rock climb. Well, living in northern Minnesota makes that really difficult. So instead I decided to watch King Lines and revisit some photos of my favorite place to climb. Ti Point, is so awesome. There is great climbing, and right behind you there is the ocean crashing. The rock wall is literally 10 feet off the ocean. It's such an inspiring place to climb. It's no wonder I had the best climbing day of my life there! I think I need to pack up El Capitan and put it in my backyard! Ha. In my dreams :D

Oxfam Trail Walk

I am so excited about this upcoming years oxfam trail walk. My friend and I have decided to find two other to join us and walk 100 km for poverty. We have to raise 2,500 by August 30 so if you have any ideas for fundraising LET US KNOW! It will be an amazing adventure. The trail starts near Toronto and ends near Georgian Bay. It will be hard and gruelling but I know we are up for the challenge!


Life has been really crazy lately. First of all I am no longer living in New Zealand. I will be moving to Minneapolis soon to continue studying at the University of Minnesota. I am really excited about this, but definitely have had to do a lot of praying. I feel like God has definitely put me where I belong. I will miss the ocean more than anything, but have faith that this is not the end of my ocean going adventures. I am so excited to be with my family again, and get lots of time with my friends. I will really miss my NZ friends though. You have all been so good to me. I hope you all enjoy my "new" life's pictures. Love you all!! Dani

Halloween. I love my referee costume!

Go gopher hockey!

My grandpa's funeral. He died a few weeks ago from several health complications.

Andra. I love this girl.

We were being Japanese Tourists
My girl Sonya came to visit me from Chicago!

The Torgy Bunch
We had a family reunion!