Birthdays and such!

My brother got a Wii for his birthday and we played so much that none of us could move the next day! Brady found out that this is a video game that I can actually beat him at! Yay for Wii!

I started packing this week and realized that 50 pounds of luggage is not nearly as much as I thought it was! You try to plan for any event and realize that you just can't. Oh well...I guess that just means more shopping :) I found the coolest rock climbing wall in New Zealand and am so excited to test out my new climbing gear. This trip is going to be so amazing! I can't wait!


On February 18th I leave for New Zealand and I am so psyched! It will be summer when I arrive there and right now it is so very cold here! I found this picture from my cabin randomly in my computer and it really got me in the summer mood. I'm looking for some really cute tank tops to wear there with a New Zealand vibe to them so if you have any ideas message me back! Well that's all for now!