short one today!

Short post today..but what can ya do!? I've been so swamped lately with school, my camera is currently full of dissected fish pictures for my final presentation in Biology of Fishes.

Just wanted to get out another challenge...this time the prize is some sweet christmas goodies!! A sneak peak will be up soon of the challenge...

1. use a picture reflecting your favorite christmas tradition
2. use handmade embellishments!

I will also post soon my version of this challenge! Good luck and make sure to email me pictures of your layouts at The challenge ends at midnight on December 7, so get scrappin!!

Gunnar Love :)

Gunnar is such a little cutie! I used the new love elsie product on this page, it is soo much fun to work with!

Soo...I promised a challenge and here it is... create a page using the word DANCE...the winner will be sent some special goodies from the new love elsie line. Send your photos of your page to You have until Monday November 25. Good Luck to everyone!!



So I just spent the last 6 hours playing with my new supplies! How fun!!! I promise to show the goodies soon...keep in touch.



I've been scrapbooking a lot lately. The new Love Elsie line that came out recently is especially inspiring to me. The prints are so beautiful and fun to work with. I suggest checking out her blog as soon as you get the chance,!!!

My new person to photoraph lately is my cousin Gunnar. He is sooo outgoing and has a fantastic personality. He is such a little stinker but it adds to his personality and makes him one of my favorite people in the world!!! I'll have more Gunnar pictures soon.

I have some very exciting news!!! I just opened an etsy store which will hopefully have some stuff in it soon. I will be uploading images soon of the merchandise. There will be scrapbooking kits, scarfs, mittens, and other yummy homemade goodness! I will be in New Zealand soon for 6 months but shipping will not be a problem since I'll be stocking up on prints and such for those months and mailing orders from my US address.

Love and Kisses!!

So apparantly i'm a bad blogger!

Sorry this has taken soooo long. Between being busy and my computer not working it has been a very hectic month. for all of you scrapping fanatics I strongly suggest getting out there and checking out Elsie Flannigans new "love elsie" line. It's fabulous!
So I finally got to go to Canada and play! My sister and I tried a new trick, it ended up mostly in some major wipe outs, but in the end we figured it out.

new obsession

Today I discovered what my new obsession sorbet and gummy worms! Doesn't it sound so yummy! I suggest everyone go down to Ben and Jerry's and check it out!....well i'm boring today and that's all I have to say.

love, Danielle

Pretty Flowers

I love getting flowers. They're one of the few things in nature that is practically flawless....just thought I'd share my pretty flowers~

Love, Danielle

Current Obsessions

Currently one of my favorite shows Heroes. After waiting for a month I finally got to see a new episode tonight! It was an awesome episode...but I won't spoil it for anyone who may not have seen!

Adventures at Home!

Today was such a fun day! Ashley, Brady, and I are all really into outdoor sports, so a day full of fourwheeling and mud is perfect. It was such a nice day, so perfect for some great photos. Living in the country is such a great place to find inspiration and really create some great art. Soon I will have some of these great pictures scrapped!
All this nice weather has really gotten me thinking about summer. I can't wait to be tan, wear a swim suit, and waterski! Summer is my second favorite season (winter being first), and one of the biggest reasons is because of all the yummy colors. Green is one of my all time favs and obviously summer has abundant amounts! Can't wait! Another reason summer basically rocks is the water skiing. If you've never tried it, I strongly suggest you do! My sister and I both love it and are always trying to think of new challenging tricks to if anyone has any suggestions I can't wait to hear!

Inspirational girls

These pictures are from a really fun night out with some of my favorite girls! Kirsten and Tracie are so inspirational in every way. They're both crazy about scrapbooking like me.
I can't wait until the next time we can all get together and scrap together. It's fun having someone there to inspire you! Thanks girls!

First Blog!

Hey! This is my very first blog experience! Nothing too much going on with me right now except finals and papers due. I really want this blog to be an inspiration to everyone who reads it, so soon I will start posting some yummy scrapbooking layouts and pictures.